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Does the US Border Care If Your Intention For Visiting USA is to Smoke Legal Weed?

Now that Colorado, Alaska, Washington DC, California, Oregon, and Washington state have voted to legalize marijuana, "pot tourists" from across the World are planning trips to the United States to sample various strains of the plant, as well as to enjoy the many cannabis infused baked goods and candies available. Pot enthusiasts from British Columbia are flocking to cities such as Seattle to get high, legally, but many of them are running into issues while attempting to cross the border into Washington state. In general, honestly is always the best policy when dealing with US border patrol agents, but lately there has been an increasing number of foreign "marijuana tourists" reportedly getting refused entry to the USA. Marijuana is still illegal in the United States at a federal level, and simply admitting to a border guard that you have tried marijuana before is enough to cause you to be turned away at the border. Any Canadian that discloses plans to try legal pot while in the country risks being denied entry to USA!

Even though the legal marijuana industry in Colorado and especially in the border state of Washington loves having Canadian customers and considers them crucial to business success, it is important that people from Canada interested in being part of the legalized pot movement understand that weed is still a restricted drug in the U.S. at a national level. Take into account before crossing the border that the US Department of Homeland Security has officially said they have not changed their border policies to accommodate state-level plans to legalize marijuana. Before telling CBP officers that you are entering the US to get stoned, people should also realize that being denied entry because you are a pot tourist can have the same ramifications as being denied at the border for other reasons, and can affect your ability to travel to the U.S. in the future.

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