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Experienced US immigration lawyer in Canada providing US Waiver services to all Canadians. We are pleased to offer free comprehensive consultations!

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Welcome to! Our team of United States admissibility experts focuses on assisting Canadian residents with crossing the US border if they have previously been denied entry or have a criminal record.

If you are interested in advice from an attorney, we are happy to offer FREE consultations to assess a candidate's options for travelling to the United States with a criminal history or past border refusal. You can then determine if our flat-rate service is suitable for you. We are a US immigration law firm licensed to provide legal representation in Canada regarding all United States immigration matters.

We understand that most Canadians would prefer to spend less money to alleviate their US entry problems than spend more. Having earned a reputation as a leading US immigration authority in Canada by working vigorously for our clients over the years while always being honest and accessible, we are able to provide high quality, timely, and cost-effective legal services to Canadians residing in all ten provinces.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • US Entry Waiver (Criminal)
  • US Entry Waiver (Overstay)
  • Inquiries of the Border
  • Emergency Parole

If you end up retaining legal services from our law firm, you will be glad to know that we offer flat-rate billing so there are never any surprises and you are never billed a penny more than expected.

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