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US Immigration Lawyer in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, Alberta is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Home to Alberta's Oil sands, high paying jobs are plentiful in the area allowing residents to afford to travel internationally on a frequent basis. If you are interested in travelling to the USA for a vacation but you have a criminal record or have been previously denied entry by United States border security, you may need an American Entry Waiver in order to be allowed to visit.

United States Waiver Service for Fort McMurray Residents

Although our Ontario-based law firm does not offer face to face meetings in Fort Mac or other northern Alberta communities, our US immigration lawyer can help Fort McMurray residents travel to America legally with a US Waiver. Applying for Waiver USA entrance permission can be tricky so let us take care of the hard work for you, we are excellent at this! Contact us today for a free consultation! If you want access to the United States asap, you will be happy to know we can request a US Waiver fast via the electronic e-SAFE program.

US immigration lawyer Fort McMurray

If you have a fly in fly out job in Fort McMurray, you may prefer a USA immigration lawyer in Calgary or another Canadian city (we accept clients across the country).

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