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Experienced US immigration lawyer in Canada providing US Waiver services to all Canadians. We are pleased to offer free comprehensive consultations!

USA Immigration Lawyer in London ON

London is a city in southwestern Ontario with a population of 350,000. If you live in London, ON and have a criminal record or have ever been denied entry by United States border patrol, chances are a US Entry Waiver will be required in order to visit the USA.

American Waiver Service for London Ontario Residents

Although our Toronto-based law firm does not offer in-person meetings in London ON, our US immigration lawyer has an office in nearby Kitchener and can help residents of London complete a US Waiver application. If you live near London Ontario and are seeking a US immigration attorney with Travel Waiver experience, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

US immigration lawyer London Ontario

We can help Canadians apply for a US Travel Waiver, and our services are available to everyone living in southwest Ontario. In addition to the London Ontario area, we accept clients from Windsor, Sarnia, Chatham, St. Thomas, and Woodstock ON. Our main law office is in Toronto, but we have clients across the province including in London and Windsor ON.

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