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US Immigration Lawyer in Vancouver

The greater Vancouver area has 2.4 million inhabitants, making it the third largest metropolitan area in Canada. Located close to the US border, residents of Vancouver BC often visit the USA, but if you are inadmissible to the United States due to past crimes you will need a US Waiver to avoid the risk of getting refused admittance. If you have been denied entry to USA in the past, you may also require a US Travel Waiver in order to cross the border successfully.

In addition to entry waivers, our USA immigration lawyer has experience helping Canadians in the Lower Mainland with other United States immigration matters such as US Visa applications. For example, we can help people living in the Vancouver region obtain a US Work Visa (H1-B Visa or TN Visa), US Entrepreneur Visa or Business Visa (E-2 Visa), or a USA Spouse Visa or Fiancé Visa (K-1 Visa).

US Waiver Service for Vancouver Residents

Although our Ontario-based law firm does not have an office in Vancouver, our US immigration lawyer is able to help residents of Vancouver legally travel to USA with a criminal history. If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia and are interested in speaking with a US immigration attorney that concentrates on US Waivers, phone us today for a free consultation! US Waiver applications can be very tricky, so leave the hard work to our team, we're excellent at this! Canadians living in the Vancouver area can also hire our United States immigration lawyer if they need help applying for a US Visa.

US immigration lawyer Vancouver

We offer our US Waiver application services to all residents of British Columbia. In addition to individuals living in Vancouver, we also accept clients from Surrey BC, Burnaby, Richmond BC, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoria BC, Nanaimo, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Prince George, Vernon, New Westminster, Penticton, Port Moody, Campbell River, Langford, Langley, and Courtenay.

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