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Experienced US immigration lawyer in Canada providing US Waiver services to all Canadians. We are pleased to offer free comprehensive consultations!

US Immigration Lawyer in Winnipeg

The city of Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and has a population of 670,000 making it the largest city in the province and the 7th largest in Canada. If you live in Winnipeg, MB and have a criminal past or have ever been refused entry to the United States, you may be inadmissible to America without a US Entry Waiver. Our US immigration lawyer can help Winnipeggers apply for such a Waiver, and also offers other USA immigration services to Canadians living in Manitoba.

US Waiver Service for Winnipeg Residents

Although our Ontario-based law firm does not have an office in Winnipeg, our US immigration lawyer is able to help residents of Manitoba obtain a US Entry Waiver. If you live in Winnipeg, MB and are seeking a US Immigration Lawyer focused on US Waivers, contact us now for a free consultation! We also have experience assisting people with various United States Visa applications.

US immigration lawyer Winnipeg

In addition to people living in the Winnipeg area, we also accept clients from other cities and towns in Manitoba including Brandon MB.

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